Jimmy’s Place


My favourite burger in the Tri-City’s. Everything about it is top-notch, handmade patty with chopped bacon and real cheese melted over. Fresh kiaser bun and veggies, generous portion of steak cut fries. They also give you Sriracha sauce. Fucking delicious.


There claim to fame, it’s actually valid

Marcello Pizzeria

On my evening cruse last night we decided to go for a bite, our first choice, Falconetti’s, was so busy they switched to the late night menu, at 6:30pm. Considering our choices, and the ample amount of restaurants worthy of our business,  we hitched up and rode over to Marcello Pizzeria. The wait was a mere 5 minutes for a table, not bad for a Saturday evening, with full menu options included.

I’m a seafood aficionado so the Spaghetti Alla Vongole was my dish this evening. The freshly made egg pasta was flavourful and cooked to perfection. White wine sauce was very rich, the clams were a little on the smaller side I felt. The food was very tasty but the only thing lacking was our service. The waitress disappeared for 20 minutes and we were left with empty plates on our table as multiple staffed walked by.

The funny event of the evening was a douche bag, at the table behind us, was giving the waitress a hard time by making her pronounce the names of the dishes in Italian (really, who cares?) Then he would shame her for not being able to enunciate it correctly. I couldn’t help but hope his date would deny this douche and his narcissistic ego any future contact.

Sushi California

Basically a dive sushi bar. Floor tiles are cracked and missing, chairs are wobbly. Somehow its always busy though. The restaurant is a little rough around the edges but I keep coming back.

Sushi California has one of the freshest and diverse assorted sushi combos I’ve tried. I like to get a combo because it gives me a good sense of the freshness and quality of fish a restaurant offers. There is a reason why this is my local spot for a quick fix.


Undercity NYC

I found this photo of an abandoned subway station in NYC. I needed to know more about this gorgeous place. A little digging and I came across a fascinating video exploring the hidden side NYC from this UN-used train station to viewing New York from Williams bridge top. Locals know.

UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

This video makes me want to search the catacombs of Vancouver for the coolest hidden places.

Delany’s coffee house

Went on little adventure to the North Shore with my mom. After some strenuous shopping  in Edgemont Village I was in serious need of a caffeine buzz, a good Americano. I walked right past the Starbucks and headed over to the independent cafe.

I like to take note of how the barrista creates the beverages but I couldn’t help but notice how stoned this barrista was. Made a decent coffee though, lots of silky crema. Maybe that’s just how he gets in the coffee zone. I’m not going to knock his technique.

Lots of baked goods at this cafe too (pun intended)