The Charlatan

I ended up at The Charlatan on a whim.

My father wanted his favourite, Howe Sound 4 Fruit Ale at Biercraft, but to our dismay they were out. The last few times in this neighborhood, I’ve been royally fisted with the hand of calamity. I think they should re-name Commercial Dr. to Condescending Drive.

The food at the Charlatan was very good. We started off with a basket of yam fries, roasted garlic aoli sauce was divine. I had the Grilled Chicken & Pancetta Burger (Grilled marinated chicken breast, red wine poached bosc pear, crispy pancetta, melted Camembert cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion) The sweet pear offset the savory of the chicken and saltiness of the pancetta to a tee. Pumpkin Thai Coconut soup had good flavour but lacking a dollop of sour cream.

I discovered a new favouite beer. Delirium Tremens. I was having a conversation with the pink elephant by the end of the evening.

My camera was having an off day.

Marcello Pizzeria

On my evening cruse last night we decided to go for a bite, our first choice, Falconetti’s, was so busy they switched to the late night menu, at 6:30pm. Considering our choices, and the ample amount of restaurants worthy of our business,  we hitched up and rode over to Marcello Pizzeria. The wait was a mere 5 minutes for a table, not bad for a Saturday evening, with full menu options included.

I’m a seafood aficionado so the Spaghetti Alla Vongole was my dish this evening. The freshly made egg pasta was flavourful and cooked to perfection. White wine sauce was very rich, the clams were a little on the smaller side I felt. The food was very tasty but the only thing lacking was our service. The waitress disappeared for 20 minutes and we were left with empty plates on our table as multiple staffed walked by.

The funny event of the evening was a douche bag, at the table behind us, was giving the waitress a hard time by making her pronounce the names of the dishes in Italian (really, who cares?) Then he would shame her for not being able to enunciate it correctly. I couldn’t help but hope his date would deny this douche and his narcissistic ego any future contact.

Base on Robson

Went to Base, a Korean lounge off of Robson St. This was my first experience at this place. Upon first entering I find out we were the first people there, and were the first and only people for quite some time, about 2 hours. Maybe this was a sign…..

Being as this was my first time there I really had no idea on whats good or what to avoid at this place. I ended up ordering seafood yaki udon because I had a craving for seafood. This dish was not really up to my expectations. It was mostly bland and had very little seafood in it. So being adventitious, I ended up disappointed.

We had some drinks, Asahi draft beer and some shooters. They did have a good deal on shooter at this place. 10 drinks for $50. The catch is you have to order from their list, of approximately 14 different ones. We ended up getting some Jäger bomb’s, tequila, and Rockey Mountain bear fu*kers. One thing I noticed is they gave a lemon wedge with the tequila, rather than a lime. Which was fine by me because I didn’t have them. We offered one to the waitress, who reluctantly took it.

It was an alright place nothing special, I wouldn’t visit again in the near future. Perhaps at a later date, if nothing else was open.