Undercity NYC

I found this photo of an abandoned subway station in NYC. I needed to know more about this gorgeous place. A little digging and I came across a fascinating video exploring the hidden side NYC from this UN-used train station to viewing New York from Williams bridge top. Locals know.

UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

This video makes me want to search the catacombs of Vancouver for the coolest hidden places.

{ Disappearing } Main Street

I had stumbled upon this site documenting the growth and decay of Vancouver’s iconic Main St. It particularly hit home with me because I recognize the buildings and businesses both old and new.

While our debate had once hinged on the goodness of our departed hangouts, we now found ourselves debating which blocks those places used to exist. Like we suddenly didn’t trust our own memories. Where was that junk store where the fantastic lamp was found? The diners and vitamin stores that had burned down and closed up as recently as six months earlier—where exactly had they been? We reasoned that Instagram and Google Street View were remembering this stuff for us now. So why did it even matter?

It was this last question we found ourselves repeating, a week later, at dawn, sizing up the first block of photos at Main and 2nd Avenue. Why exactly does this matter? We still had no answer, but two weeks later, we found ourselves, again in the early morning light, with a camera aimed at the City Centre Motor Hotel on 6th. Over the next five months, we took the equivalent of a 62-block photo—without quite knowing why we were doing it.

Disappointed they had missed my favourite restaurant Longs Noodle House in their photos. At least they had a picture of Gene Cafe.