Electric Daisy Carnival 2012

Epic. Amazing. Crazy. Are the words that come to mind when describing Electric Daisy Carnival. I was elated when entering Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Super Bowl of Raves. I waited the better part of a year until I could attend. I was awe-struck for an hour at least when I first stepped inside. I was actually here about to experience the very essence in which I live for, in the grandest scale.

The sounds, the people, lights, costumes. They are all going to create my perfect EDC memory. See you in Vegas for 2013.



Visiting Las Vegas I was informed that I must go to a In-N-Out burger. This would be a fast food pilgrimage for me. One of my new years resolutions of 2011 was zero fast food, with a couple of drunken relapses in 2012 (none of which I’m proud of) if I must indulge, might as well be at the Cadillac of fast food joints.

The concierge at the Monte Carlo hotel informed us, that an In-N-Out burger was within walking distance. Win! We got a drink for the walk because I’m already too far gone at this point to stop. None the less, it’s going to be a strong one as trekking underneath 34c sun was not going to be a pleasant task. Especially with the confusing route we had to take over and under the spaghetti of highways Las Vegas has going through it.

I must have been drunk or extremely malnourished when I arrived at In-N-Out because I couldn’t make out what the menu had to offer. I decided to take a leap and get a #1 combo with an extra hamburger of some-sort.

After the first flame grilled, made to order, cheese Burger with bacon, all the fixings and some fresh-cut fries. I had what felt like a strange tingling sensation in my fingers. Not sure if it was the lack of oxygen, due to my failure to breathe between bites, or the preliminary clogging of my arteries. Regardless, I was in fast food heaven. The second burger I had ordered happened to be a regular hamburger. Why I chose no cheese is still a mystery to me.

Thinking back on the experience the name In-N-Out burger is very misleading. I had spent a solid 30 or 40 minutes there, not a quick ordeal as the name suggested.

One of the best fast-food style meals I have eaten. From what I remember…