Marcello Pizzeria

On my evening cruse last night we decided to go for a bite, our first choice, Falconetti’s, was so busy they switched to the late night menu, at 6:30pm. Considering our choices, and the ample amount of restaurants worthy of our business,  we hitched up and rode over to Marcello Pizzeria. The wait was a mere 5 minutes for a table, not bad for a Saturday evening, with full menu options included.

I’m a seafood aficionado so the Spaghetti Alla Vongole was my dish this evening. The freshly made egg pasta was flavourful and cooked to perfection. White wine sauce was very rich, the clams were a little on the smaller side I felt. The food was very tasty but the only thing lacking was our service. The waitress disappeared for 20 minutes and we were left with empty plates on our table as multiple staffed walked by.

The funny event of the evening was a douche bag, at the table behind us, was giving the waitress a hard time by making her pronounce the names of the dishes in Italian (really, who cares?) Then he would shame her for not being able to enunciate it correctly. I couldn’t help but hope his date would deny this douche and his narcissistic ego any future contact.

Sushi California

Basically a dive sushi bar. Floor tiles are cracked and missing, chairs are wobbly. Somehow its always busy though. The restaurant is a little rough around the edges but I keep coming back.

Sushi California has one of the freshest and diverse assorted sushi combos I’ve tried. I like to get a combo because it gives me a good sense of the freshness and quality of fish a restaurant offers. There is a reason why this is my local spot for a quick fix.


Delany’s coffee house

Went on little adventure to the North Shore with my mom. After some strenuous shopping  in Edgemont Village I was in serious need of a caffeine buzz, a good Americano. I walked right past the Starbucks and headed over to the independent cafe.

I like to take note of how the barrista creates the beverages but I couldn’t help but notice how stoned this barrista was. Made a decent coffee though, lots of silky crema. Maybe that’s just how he gets in the coffee zone. I’m not going to knock his technique.

Lots of baked goods at this cafe too (pun intended)


Visiting Las Vegas I was informed that I must go to a In-N-Out burger. This would be a fast food pilgrimage for me. One of my new years resolutions of 2011 was zero fast food, with a couple of drunken relapses in 2012 (none of which I’m proud of) if I must indulge, might as well be at the Cadillac of fast food joints.

The concierge at the Monte Carlo hotel informed us, that an In-N-Out burger was within walking distance. Win! We got a drink for the walk because I’m already too far gone at this point to stop. None the less, it’s going to be a strong one as trekking underneath 34c sun was not going to be a pleasant task. Especially with the confusing route we had to take over and under the spaghetti of highways Las Vegas has going through it.

I must have been drunk or extremely malnourished when I arrived at In-N-Out because I couldn’t make out what the menu had to offer. I decided to take a leap and get a #1 combo with an extra hamburger of some-sort.

After the first flame grilled, made to order, cheese Burger with bacon, all the fixings and some fresh-cut fries. I had what felt like a strange tingling sensation in my fingers. Not sure if it was the lack of oxygen, due to my failure to breathe between bites, or the preliminary clogging of my arteries. Regardless, I was in fast food heaven. The second burger I had ordered happened to be a regular hamburger. Why I chose no cheese is still a mystery to me.

Thinking back on the experience the name In-N-Out burger is very misleading. I had spent a solid 30 or 40 minutes there, not a quick ordeal as the name suggested.

One of the best fast-food style meals I have eaten. From what I remember…


Kim Ahn

Traveling home from King Ed pet supplies in I noticed a place advertising Vietnamese subs. Instantly I’m intrigued. My last encounter with a Vietnamese sub was from a street vendor in the business district of NYC. It was delectable. I’m hoping Kim Ahn had a similar take.

Arriving the door I notice signs that state “Breakfast all day,” “Canadian and Vietnamese cuisine.” Shit. I never go to the Cover all bases style of restaurant. If I noticed these signs I would have kept on going but it’s too late now, I’m committed.

It wasn’t hard getting a table as there was lots to choose from. Perhaps for good reason. The woman gives the menu, with a special excerpt for the subs. #5 was my choice, the marinated beef. They also served Vietnamese style coffee too. Score. I elected for the iced with condensed milk. Notable mention that it comes with crushed ice rather than cubes, for instantaneous cooling.

The sub actually hit the spot. Had good ratio of beef to bread to veggies. Beef was flavorful and tender, bread was warm and soft, and devoid of hard ends unlike the NYC counterpart. Decent afternoon snack for a stumble-upon. Good thing all I was expecting was a snack because I could have easily ate two of these and still had room for more.

Would have to try the other Vietnamese sub places in Vancouver to really give an honest rating.

Wangs Taiwan Beef Noodle House

Worst experience at a restaurant. Ever.

Had lunch there upon request of a friend. I was hungry after the half hour drive from Coquitlam so I opted for the large beef noodle soup. When ordering you have the option of broad or thin noodles, I chose the thin. The waitress confirmed my order of: LARGE beef noodle soup with THIN noodles. Because I was really hungry, got some potstickers too.

Until this point I’m fairly unassuming and not making judgements yet, I like to approach things with an open mind. I can look past the sticky menus, the rocking table’s, the messy washroom absent of all paper towels.

When our orders come, 4 beef noodle soups, the waitress just shoves them on the table and leaves, we had to decipher who got what. After everyone had claimed there soup, I was left with a SMALL soup with BROAD noodles. FUCK. The waitress even confirmed my order but still managed to fuck it up.The soup was alright, very spicy for a non spiced version. The beef was top notch though, very tender.

I originally wanted another kind of dumpling but was persuaded to get the potstickers instead. Bad decision. After biting my second dumpling in half, I discovered a huge nasty disgusting HAIR. Fuck me. That combined with the soup fuck up ruined my experience. I will not be returning there, ever.

Wangs noodle house can suck my wang.

Gene cafe

If you googled “Unpretentious hipster coffee shop” Gene café should top the list.

Yeah the barista served my cappuccino on a chipped saucer. No she didn’t give a fuck. Told me I’d enjoy it and that I did.

I forgot my sweet and salty bar.

Deer Garden Signatures

Had a business meeting in Richmond the other day and we elected Deer Garden Signatures as the spot. If I hadn’t been here on one other occasion I would have driven around the block a couple of times because there is hardly any advertising for the restaurant. Parking is also very scarce in the plaza that Deer Garden is located in. Forced to circle the lot before I was lucky enough to spot someone leaving

The food definitely makes up for experiencing battling for a parking spot. I elected for the DIY soup combo. With purchase of a soup your allowed two sides, I chose a breaded pork chop and ginger chicken wings. The DIY soup is damn good. You chose a broth, ingredients, and noodles. I elected for a no msg tomato pumpkin broth and added enoki mushrooms, beef brisket, squid and clear sweet potato noodles. Not too much pumpkin flavour in the soup other than a couple chunks in it. The breaded pork chop was made fresh, had a light crispy batter, came with a mayonnaise sauce on the side. The ginger chicken wings made fresh but didn’t have any recognizable taste of ginger. A drink is included with the soup to make it a combo, I had a cold milk tea. I was amused how they serve it in a plastic bubble tea-cup with the sealed lid but in a restaurant.

Saint St. Grill

Attended the Eat Your Heart Out charity event at the Saint St. Grill supporting the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation. The menu was a prix fixe with a choices of appetizers, entrees and a dessert.

Passing by this restaurant on many an occasion and noticing its deep red glow for ambiance I finally had a chance to try it. Upon first entering I was a little taken aback by the gody decorum, then quickly greeted warmly by the hostess who turned out to be our waitress. The table settings demonstrate a higher class restaurant with the crisp white table cloth, cotton napkin and candles.

For the food choices I elected for the Curry Seared Calamari- Daikon salad, peanut sauce to start and the Pork Schnitzel- Panko crusted, 5 spice, lemon grass demi as my entree. I was very disappointed with the calamari. The batter was soggy not crispy at all, the salad was quite plain. It had good potential to be a stellar dish, if it was executed properly. The pork schnitzel was excellent on the other hand. Very crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside accompanied with a sweet and savory glaze which complemented the meat. Mash potatoes were quite flavourful, but the vegetables were cold. Mentioned it to the waitress and she promptly returned with some freshly cooked veggies to replace the cold ones. Desert that was included was a Lemon panna cotta with fresh berries, almost a cross between a custard and a creme brulee. The waitress boasted she could make a solid cappuccino so I elected to have one. It was quite good actually, no latte art here just a solid cuppa.

I regret my schnitzel photo didn’t turn out :(


Had a Cappuccino at Kafka on Main st, aka, hipster central. Every time I enter is part of town I throw my expectations out the window, because more often than not I’m usually disappointed. This was one exception. I was pleasantly surprised with the friendliness of the baristas, when comparing the other coffee shops in the area. Kafka decorum was inviting, with a modern yet minimalist sense.

It was high noon when we arrived and just managed to score a table. I’m guessing all the other slightly less pretentious hipsters are in the know of where good coffee is to be had.

I also learned if you want to pick up a barista, you need a Sweet and Salty granola bar. This guy came in, MYM’d like a boss, handed over the sweet and salty granola bar and she was all over it like a hipster at a vintage clothing sale.