Au Petit Cafe


I avoided the call of the siren at Longs Noodle House and ventured next door to Au Petit Cafe. High noon when I arrived, it was busy but able to score a table. I noticed the very condensed menu, not a bad thing but narrowed my options quickly. Not much variety with pho, no dish offering either tripe or tendon! I’m already disappointed.

Settled on the beef balls and fresh steak pho. First impressions of the broth was very good. Good balance of spices/salty/sweet, each flavour complemented one another. I completely enjoyed my bowl even if I didn’t get the gan and sach I’m used to. This bowl was created with care, everything was the way it should be. Beef still rare in some parts, noodles were al-dente, clean/clear broth, generous with the beef balls.

Quality > quantity. Going to try a Banh Mi next time.

The Charlatan

I ended up at The Charlatan on a whim.

My father wanted his favourite, Howe Sound 4 Fruit Ale at Biercraft, but to our dismay they were out. The last few times in this neighborhood, I’ve been royally fisted with the hand of calamity. I think they should re-name Commercial Dr. to Condescending Drive.

The food at the Charlatan was very good. We started off with a basket of yam fries, roasted garlic aoli sauce was divine. I had the Grilled Chicken & Pancetta Burger (Grilled marinated chicken breast, red wine poached bosc pear, crispy pancetta, melted Camembert cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion) The sweet pear offset the savory of the chicken and saltiness of the pancetta to a tee. Pumpkin Thai Coconut soup had good flavour but lacking a dollop of sour cream.

I discovered a new favouite beer. Delirium Tremens. I was having a conversation with the pink elephant by the end of the evening.

My camera was having an off day.