2 weekend’s ago I tried to come here but ended up getting shafted with the late night menu, at 6:30pm. Made it this weekend, and was able to order off the regular menu (Yay?) First fuck-up of the night was our appetizer platter. They were out of riblets so they¬†substituted a second flavour of wings, fair enough. When our plate showed up, it was extra sausage. The waitress offered to re-make it for us. When we get it second time, it was extra wings but all the same flavour. Fuck it, by now were hungry.

Later when our entrees come, I had a Yucatan Chicken sausage wrap with a West Coast salad. Got a Caesar salad instead.

Seriously not impressed with the food or service. This place is run by hipsters for hipsters. Slight redeeming factor was the roof top patio. Take your money elsewhere.