Pho Tam


Pho Tam is my go-to place in Surrey. In the heart of Whalley, the location is something to be desired. Surrey jocks and their hooker girlfriends are a common sight here, but good pho doesn’t discriminate (unlike me.)

Special A is a large soup and spring roll for $9. There not stingy with the essentials either; lots of tripe and tendon.

Tandoori Raj, The Original

We were debating if we should go to the Tandoori Raj, The Original or Tandoori King they were beside each other last time I checked. When arriving, our choice was obvious, Tandoori Raj because Tandoori King was burnt to the ground. Perhaps to eliminate the competition….

On the table: Butter chicken (lighter coloured dish), Lamb Tikka Masala, Naan, and rice. Not pictured was the spinach stuffed naan. One of the better Indian meals I’ve eaten. Quite spicy, just the way I like it. Would be returning again.



2 weekend’s ago I tried to come here but ended up getting shafted with the late night menu, at 6:30pm. Made it this weekend, and was able to order off the regular menu (Yay?) First fuck-up of the night was our appetizer platter. They were out of riblets so they substituted a second flavour of wings, fair enough. When our plate showed up, it was extra sausage. The waitress offered to re-make it for us. When we get it second time, it was extra wings but all the same flavour. Fuck it, by now were hungry.

Later when our entrees come, I had a Yucatan Chicken sausage wrap with a West Coast salad. Got a Caesar salad instead.

Seriously not impressed with the food or service. This place is run by hipsters for hipsters. Slight redeeming factor was the roof top patio. Take your money elsewhere.

Jimmy’s Place


My favourite burger in the Tri-City’s. Everything about it is top-notch, handmade patty with chopped bacon and real cheese melted over. Fresh kiaser bun and veggies, generous portion of steak cut fries. They also give you Sriracha sauce. Fucking delicious.


There claim to fame, it’s actually valid

Marcello Pizzeria

On my evening cruse last night we decided to go for a bite, our first choice, Falconetti’s, was so busy they switched to the late night menu, at 6:30pm. Considering our choices, and the ample amount of restaurants worthy of our business,  we hitched up and rode over to Marcello Pizzeria. The wait was a mere 5 minutes for a table, not bad for a Saturday evening, with full menu options included.

I’m a seafood aficionado so the Spaghetti Alla Vongole was my dish this evening. The freshly made egg pasta was flavourful and cooked to perfection. White wine sauce was very rich, the clams were a little on the smaller side I felt. The food was very tasty but the only thing lacking was our service. The waitress disappeared for 20 minutes and we were left with empty plates on our table as multiple staffed walked by.

The funny event of the evening was a douche bag, at the table behind us, was giving the waitress a hard time by making her pronounce the names of the dishes in Italian (really, who cares?) Then he would shame her for not being able to enunciate it correctly. I couldn’t help but hope his date would deny this douche and his narcissistic ego any future contact.