Undercity NYC

I found this photo of an abandoned subway station in NYC. I needed to know more about this gorgeous place. A little digging and I came across a fascinating video exploring the hidden side NYC from this UN-used train station to viewing New York from Williams bridge top. Locals know.

UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

This video makes me want to search the catacombs of Vancouver for the coolest hidden places.

Delany’s coffee house

Went on little adventure to the North Shore with my mom. After some strenuous shopping  in Edgemont Village I was in serious need of a caffeine buzz, a good Americano. I walked right past the Starbucks and headed over to the independent cafe.

I like to take note of how the barrista creates the beverages but I couldn’t help but notice how stoned this barrista was. Made a decent coffee though, lots of silky crema. Maybe that’s just how he gets in the coffee zone. I’m not going to knock his technique.

Lots of baked goods at this cafe too (pun intended)