Wangs Taiwan Beef Noodle House

Worst experience at a restaurant. Ever.

Had lunch there upon request of a friend. I was hungry after the half hour drive from Coquitlam so I opted for the large beef noodle soup. When ordering you have the option of broad or thin noodles, I chose the thin. The waitress confirmed my order of: LARGE beef noodle soup with THIN noodles. Because I was really hungry, got some potstickers too.

Until this point I’m fairly unassuming and not making judgements yet, I like to approach things with an open mind. I can look past the sticky menus, the rocking table’s, the messy washroom absent of all paper towels.

When our orders come, 4 beef noodle soups, the waitress just shoves them on the table and leaves, we had to decipher who got what. After everyone had claimed there soup, I was left with a SMALL soup with BROAD noodles. FUCK. The waitress even confirmed my order but still managed to fuck it up.The soup was alright, very spicy for a non spiced version. The beef was top notch though, very tender.

I originally wanted another kind of dumpling but was persuaded to get the potstickers instead. Bad decision. After biting my second dumpling in half, I discovered a huge nasty disgusting HAIR. Fuck me. That combined with the soup fuck up ruined my experience. I will not be returning there, ever.

Wangs noodle house can suck my wang.