Base on Robson

Went to Base, a Korean lounge off of Robson St. This was my first experience at this place. Upon first entering I find out we were the first people there, and were the first and only people for quite some time, about 2 hours. Maybe this was a sign…..

Being as this was my first time there I really had no idea on whats good or what to avoid at this place. I ended up ordering seafood yaki udon because I had a craving for seafood. This dish was not really up to my expectations. It was mostly bland and had very little seafood in it. So being adventitious, I ended up disappointed.

We had some drinks, Asahi draft beer and some shooters. They did have a good deal on shooter at this place. 10 drinks for $50. The catch is you have to order from their list, of approximately 14 different ones. We ended up getting some Jäger bomb’s, tequila, and Rockey Mountain bear fu*kers. One thing I noticed is they gave a lemon wedge with the tequila, rather than a lime. Which was fine by me because I didn’t have them. We offered one to the waitress, who reluctantly took it.

It was an alright place nothing special, I wouldn’t visit again in the near future. Perhaps at a later date, if nothing else was open.

Longs noodle house

Went to Longs Noodle House for lunch. It was super busy this time had to wait a few minutes for a table, which is not too bad. The place is quite small inside only about 10 tables so it can fill up quickly. The food is worth the wait.

I had xiao long bao and tan-tan soup. These are some of my favourite comfort foods. The xiao long bao is made fresh in house by the lady that works there. In between orders she is behind the counter making the delicious buns. Tan-tan or dan-dan soup is definitely one of my latest noodle dishes to try. The sweet of the peanuts in the soup an the savory of the steamed bao make for an excellent combination.


Pho Huy

I’m finally posting a review of my favourite pho place in the tri-cities, Pho Huy. Every time I order from there I’m never disappointed. This time I had the roll combo and the beef pho with fresh steak, tripe and tendon (phở bò, sách, gân). I did not make note of the item numbers as I usually do, I will update next time I visit.

The roll combo was excellent. This was my first time having it and I will definitely have it again. It included a shrimp salad roll, a BBQ chicken salad roll and a freshly fried spring roll. I would of like to have the fish sauce to dip the spring roll in rather than just the satay sauce.

One note about this place is they add the cilantro on the side with the bean sprouts and basil. Which I can understand because some “despise that vile plant” -quoted from my friend.

Hoi An cafe.

This is one of my regular places I go for Vietnamese food. I first heard about this place from a friend of a friend, who recommended it to me after my failed attempts of finding a quality phở restaurant. After my first time here, I was hooked!

The #1 Mi quang and the #2 Mi cau lao (my favourite) are their signature dishes. They are both a dry noodle dish. The #1 has shrimp and the #2 uses pork, similar to a cut of bacon. The garnishes that come with these dishes are: lettuce, mint, lime wedge and julienned banana leaf. I enjoy how the greens offset the noodles and sauce. Really makes a good combination. Each of the signature dishes come with rice crisps, which can be used to soak up the broth left in the bottom.

The restaurant can be busy at times but the service and quality definitely makes it worth the wait. It’s a family run business and the staff are always friendly. Closed on Tuesdays.

(I had almost forgot to take a photo, as I was so excited to eat!)

Mi cao lau

Red Wagon

Went to Red Wagon for lunch. Had the famous Pulled Pork Pancakes with Jack Daniels syrup. I was suspicious of this combination at first but after a few bites, I was now a believer. Servers were friendly and attentive, my coffee cup was never empty for long. The diner had a rustic vibe with its decor: old pop sign’s, glass milk jug for water, and of course, a kids red wagon.

Pulled pork pancakes

I had a picture of the exterior but it did not save. Fail.